Thank you for your support

Why Donate To or Sponsor Us?

Your donations and sponsorships are exactly what allows this server to keep going without the support of our players we would never have lasted this long, so we continue to rely on your support to give you the best exerpience possible for our server and community! Along with the satisfaction of donation money we of course offer perks in return.

What you get

Of course we can't ask you to donate without giving you anything in return, so with each tier of donation there are various perks attributed to you in game. It's important to note however, that with the one time donation these perks last only the duration of the season for the server, while recurring will continue for however long you sponsor us for! More information on the tiers and there perks are shown below!

Thank you for your consideration and contribution

When using a one time donation please specificy the amount donated, all donations will be counted as the lowest rounded donation tier. For example, if you were to donate $15 you would receive the perks of One-Time Tier I. Also, please state your in game name when donating as your donation shows only as the name associated with the account. If you forget feel free to message any staff letting us know you've donated.