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September 20th, 2020

The Bounty Guild Has Moved In!

An outside group has recently taken interest in the local town, understandbly so considering how much of an empty ghost town it appears to be while having such a succesful shopping district, and a bustling residential district. Understanding the state of the town the guild has elected to erect a Guild Hall atop a nearby hill. Their objective is to offer bounties for construction and decoration projects for around the rest of town to improve its standing in the world. With this it is their intent to transform the town into something to be proud of rather than a merchant's dream come true. Of course this will take time and effort from all parties involved so these projects will span long periods of time, there is word that if this Guild Hall is succesful that more may be constructed around the world to motivate adventurers to improve upon the current infrastructure offered.

To the right, an image of the local Guild Hall. Clearly the Bounty Guild made no concessions in terms of building quality, arguably to increase morale and set the standard for construction in the town. Unfortunately in their construction process they needed to destroy and alter a fair bit of the terrain around the guild, so they are offering a bounty to reinvigorate the immediate flora. It is clear that the Guild is not a local entity as they have used material that is not found in the nearby birch forests of the area. Another tip is the style of buliding compared to the rest of town, it offers many questions as to where this Guild originated from, and what their intentions may truly be...

Wasting no time, the Guild has already posted several bounties to be completed! These includes objectives such as building up infrastructure for the town, constructing new buildings, and adding decorative changes to the town. The rewards don't seem too shabby either, so it's only a question of how long before the Guild has to start posting new bounties. Along with this initial bounties, the Guild has also stated that they will post bounties from various adventurers as well (so long as the adventurer provides the payment). Only time will tell if the Guild is succesful in their mission to bring about a new era of the town, so while the rewards are available be sure to complete the bounties! Who knows, there may even be some special bounties that are only available for a limited time that could offer great rewards or even new frontiers.