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What Kind Of Server Are We?

The Community Chest is a Vanilla+ server similar in nature to Hermitcraft. Our changes to the game aim to add quality of life, aesthetic, and sensible additions to the core vanilla game. We want to stick as close as we can to Vanilla while still having room for plugins such as Dynmap.

Where is the server located?

Our server is hosted via a dedicated server from Hetzner, out of their Helsinki Datacenter. Server ping is negligent in comparison to an NA server so there is no worry about latency issues with our server.

Why did we make our own server?

The staff as players were tired of looking for a server with *just* exactly what we needed, there were always caveats and concessions being made we weren't interested in. When the idea arose for our own server the opportunity was seized and TCC was created!

How Long Has The Server Been Up?

The Community Chest has been live since June 26th, 2020. This is the server's second season, though the first season didn't reach the heights of our current iteration.

Where Are The Players Located?

We have players from all sorts of time zones. The majority of our players are from North America however. Our time zones range from West Coast North America to Central and Eastern Europe, so there's always someone on!